As lettings has always been a key part to our business, you truly can relax knowing that our team are completely dedicated to helping you find your new home.

We make it our business to know everything about each property within our portfolio and we will provide facts and details to ensure we can answer any questions that you may have.

Relax... we have your dream home waiting!

Once you have contacted the Click team, the process is simple. We will confirm all of your requirements to ensure we can match you with the right properties from the start. From your budget to the space required and even if you have certain facilities you wish to be near to, we will present a selection of properties appropriate to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a city centre apartment or a detached property in the countryside - rest assured Click will find it!


What is an emergency? It is our view that an emergency situation is when the incident is dangerous, life threatening or may result in personal injury a public liability claim or serious deterioration to the property.

If you have an emergency situation, e.g. water coming through the ceiling, or an electrical fault.

Please contact the emergency maintenance company after 18:00hrs Monday Thursday.

Friday 18:00hrs until 09:00hrs Monday morning.

CCandM T: 01212274861

Please note if you call the emergency call out and it is deemed not to be an emergency or something you have caused you could be charged the call out fees.

All other maintenance issues should be reported as soon as possible to your property file account

Report a maintenance issue


Should any maintenance issues not be reported, tenants will be charged for any further damage caused as a direct result of this not being reported ion the correct manner.

Tenants should continue the upkeep of the property as part of the tenancy agreement however any breakdown of items or appliance is usually covered by the landlord. Should any appliance breakdown as a result of tenant error you will be charged to repair or replace items.


What is a Deposit?

A deposit is required prior to occupation of the property, the deposit is normally equivalent to 5 weeks rent. The deposit is held to cover any breakages, damage, or other household liabilities. The deposit cannot be used by the tenant to cover rent.

Where is the deposit kept?

If the property is managed by Click, the deposit is held and registered with a government scheme until the termination of the tenancy. If the property is not managed by Click then the monies are registered with the landlords choice of scheme with this a deposit ID will be issued to the tenants. The landlord has the responsibility to register the sum held.

How and when do I get my Deposit back?

To ensure an efficient return of your Deposit, please refer to the following steps: You will need to contact your utility suppliers to confirm you have vacated the property and to close your accounts. You will need to provide proof of final payments to Click for the gas, water, electricity and council tax (where applicable) in order to have your Deposit returned.

Until confirmation that all accounts have been cleared has been received, Click will be unable to process the return of any tenant’s deposits. Deposits are only returned once all rent arrears for the household are cleared in full. This includes any charges for late and returned payments, as highlighted in your Tenancy Agreement.

Click require a forwarding address for each tenant in order for the deposit to be sent to you. Should for any reason you require as transfer of the monies we will also require bank account details however this service is only offered in special circumstances. In the event that no forwarding address is provided click we hold the deposit until we have received this information.

Please note that once you have vacated the property we will not be able to allow you further access to the property. Should click have to attend the property on your behalf you may be charged a call out fee for each visit. You may find the Royal Mail redirection facility useful to forward your mail to your new address, see www.royalmail.co.uk for further details.

Deposits will only be returned once repairs and redecoration have been performed and the invoices for work received– if the property is decorated by a tenant it will be professionally decorated back to its original manner by the Landlord’s representative and the costs will be deducted from the Deposit unless previously agreed by Click.

The Deposit is not to be used by the tenant towards the final rent payment. The Deposit shall be returned to the tenant (without interest and less any relevant deductions, where applicable) once the tenancy has been terminated, the property has been vacated and within 21 working days of receiving written proof that all utility bills have been paid, providing all necessary work has been completed to the Landlords satisfaction and the work has been invoiced and paid. Where there is more than one right to make a deduction, the landlord has the right to appropriate the deposit as he sees fit and this can cause a delay to the length of time it takes to process a Deposit refund. Please note: all maintenance works performed by Click will incur a handling fee to cover costs.

Deposits registered with the DPS
To comply with new government legislation all Deposits registered through the DPS (for tenancies signed after the 5th April 2007) will be processed under the following procedures:

1) You will be notified in writing of any proposed deductions to be made from your Deposit within 14 days of your exit inspection being completed.

2) Following receipt of this notification you will have a 7 day deadline to disagree with the decision made and your reasons must be forwarded to the ClickLettings Office in writing (emails accepted)

3) The case will be reviewed and deductions negotiated where applicable.

4) In the event that an agreement cannot be finalised, the disputed amount and details of the case will be forwarded to the Dispute Service for independent adjudication.

5) At this stage progress of the dispute can be monitored through the TDSL website using your unique I.D. code.

6) The undisputed Deposit amount will be returned once proof that final bills have been supplied and the disputed amount is considered and will be returned to you by the Dispute Service once their decision has been finalised.


What is an inventory?

Before you take occupancy Click will prepare a comprehensive inventory, this is a schedule of contents within the property and its current condition. This record is given to you either at the move in appointment or within 7 days of moving in. Click then give you 7 days to make any amendments and send the revised copy of the inventory in writing which will be filed ready to refer to during the move out inspection. Please note Click will only perform inventories if it is a managed property. Otherwise it is the Landlords obligation to provide the tenants with an inventory.

Why is an inventory taken?

An inventory is taken to avoid any differences in opinion during or at the end of the Tenancy Agreement. The property will be fully cleaned and all the relevant safety checks performed before occupation; therefore it is very important for the tenants to give the property back to the Landlord in the same way as they received it, taking into consideration 'wear and tear'.

Tenants Insurance

Landlords insurance on your rented accommodation will usually cover the building itself and the landlords contents, for example carpet, curtains, fixtures and fittings. Your personal possessions will therefore not be covered under your landlords insurance.

It is essential that you consider the options of taking out your own insurance for your personal possessions. In addition to this, if you are leaving home your belongings could be insured under your parents policy. There are various companies, which provide specialist insurance specifically for student/professional rented accommodation.

Different policies will cover different criteria and it is important that you find the cover to suit your needs. For example some policies will provide (included in the price) cover for the landlords fixtures and fittings. This is an additional security after all accidents do happen and can be costly.


Who is responsible for the utilities?

The utilities of a property are gas, electricity, water and council tax and TV licence. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the tenants and starts on the commencement of the tenancy agreement and ends on the last date of your tenancy agreement (should any of these services be included in the rental price, which you will be informed off at the time of paying your agency fee).

How do I make sure I only pay for the utilities I have used?

It is essential that meter readings are taken on the day that you move into the property and the day that you vacate the property (please refer to the inventory section for more details). Electric reading are normally requested from the managing agent of the property you live in by Click and water meters are usually located in the hallway cupboard inside the property which you can access. Click usually take this reading on the day that you move in.

Click will send a general email to all utilities providers however it is your responsibility and very important that you inform the relevant utility suppliers of your details and meter readings in order for your account to be set up correctly which will ensure you are only charged for the services that you use.

You will not be responsible for bills relating to before your tenancy even if demands are still being sent to the house. We suggest that you return these bills back to the utility suppliers or your managing agent.

Please note Click will only take meter reading for Managed properties and the Landlords would be responsible for making arrangements to get them for let only properties.

Council tax

This page is aimed as a guide and tool for assistance for all tenants’ to use. Please check out all your own details with the relevant authorities.)

Council Tax Liability

If you are currently granted exemption from Council Tax payments on the grounds of student status, you are required to forward your student exemption certificates to Birmingham City Council in order for all council tax charges to be cleared. If you are not a student please make arrangements to set up a new account and pay your bill as normal Council Tax.